Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seated nude with a red cushion

Seated nude with a red cushion - oil painting on board by South African artist, Stephen ScottOil on Board 20cm x 25 cm

Our regular studio's undergoing renovations at the moment (we got three days notification!) so after a short sabbatical we're back to painting in a new venue.

We've been graciously offered, and accepted a studio on the third floor of a spectacular house.

This is the first painting from that venue.

This model has posed for us before, I described her in Reclining nude – Red hair and creamy skin as a lovely red haired girl with equally lovely white skin.

The new studio suits her - it's a lovely combination of the colour of her skin and hair and the wooden finish of the studio.

I'll be putting this work up for auction next week.

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