Monday, January 26, 2009

Elna 8 & 9 - November 2008

This is the lovely Elna, she blew everyone away the first night she posed.
She's got fantastic figure, no doubt about that, but it's her attitude that blew us away. She's been posing for other groups since she was 14, and the experience shows - she is the most confident model we've had in the time I've been painting.
These were painted in the first session with us. I put up two canvas boards, to try two different compositions. Only one was meant to be painted, but I was having so much fun painting that they both progressed to a point of completion. I love both of them.

This was the 'final' work

This was supposed to be the sketch or practice painting... but
I enjoyed it so much that it continued living past it's
intended life span.

Chronologically she should not be here... I'm going to jump between older and newer paintings - I'm behind on updating.
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