Friday, May 20, 2011

May's Second Charcoal

May's Second Charcoal - seated nude - Stephen Scott, Cape Town ArtistCharcoal on Paper

This is the second charcoal I'm posting this month.
I think there is something (hopefully at least one thing) in each drawing that I fall in love with, in this drawing it's the fabric wrapped around her hips - I love the folds in the fabric and the way the light captures the folds.

At tea time someone said, about my drawing; "She looks cross."
The model, overhearing the comment, looked at my drawing and said; "No I don't, I look pretty!"
Gog bless her.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May's Charcoal

Seated Nude - Charcoal on Paper by Cape Town artist Stephen ScottMay's Charcoal
Seated Nude - Charcoal on Paper

I have a massive feeling of accomplishment with this drawing.
Why? Because the model loved it to the point of wanting to buy it!

And I love the light on the hair falling down in front of her face.

Friday, May 13, 2011

May's Paintng

May's Paintng; Small Seated Nude, South African Artist - Stephen Scott
Small Seated Nude
Oil on Canvas Board

I tried to do this painting with the same feeling that I gave the Pink Bikini, but I ended up becoming too 'precious' about the damn thing.
I had to stop myself from carrying on, another 15 minutes of painting would have ruined it.

What do you think - Just right? Or do I need to do more work on it?

(My camera is on the blink, so this photo was taken on my Black Berry and will need to be updated when I have a working camera again.)
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