Monday, April 26, 2010

Seated nude; charcoal on paper by Stephen Scott

Seated nude; charcoal on paper by Stephen ScottSeated nude
charcoal on paper by Stephen Scott

Another week in the fantastic house with it's studio on the third floor!

It was the first week of winter for us - the studio was cold and impossible to heat up, our model huddled as close as possible to the heater during breaks, but during the pose she sat beautifully - the sign of a good model.

It's fascinating how the best models are also the smartest - our new girl has an honors degree in fine art and is currently working at the University of Cape Town.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Seated nude - charcoal on paper

Seated nude - charcoal on paper by Stephen Scott
Seated nude - Charcoal on paper

This is the first of three new models we're drawing this month. She did fantastically - this was the first time that she's ever posed and without a doubt we'll invite her back for more sessions in the future!

Last week we advertised for new models and got 30 odd responses, 3 of which we booked sessions with. Drawing is the natural choice for once off sessions and charcoal is becoming one of my favorite drawing mediums.

Next week is a new session and a new model.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seated nude with a red cushion

Seated nude with a red cushion - oil painting on board by South African artist, Stephen ScottOil on Board 20cm x 25 cm

Our regular studio's undergoing renovations at the moment (we got three days notification!) so after a short sabbatical we're back to painting in a new venue.

We've been graciously offered, and accepted a studio on the third floor of a spectacular house.

This is the first painting from that venue.

This model has posed for us before, I described her in Reclining nude – Red hair and creamy skin as a lovely red haired girl with equally lovely white skin.

The new studio suits her - it's a lovely combination of the colour of her skin and hair and the wooden finish of the studio.

I'll be putting this work up for auction next week.
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