Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reclining nude – Red hair and creamy skin

Reclining nude – Red hair and creamy skin - Stephen ScottRed hair - reclining nude
Oil on Board
21 cm x 25cm

This painting was done in the same style as the Nude on a Persian carpet – there are a few similarities – both girls have red hair, both were reclining (laying down) and both have a lovely peaches and cream skin tone.

This model has long curly hair, while our Persian carpet girl has a short, almost boyish cut.

The pose started with the intention of being as a short one session pose, but by tea time it was decided - we wanted a second session. The painting was therefore done over two sessions (about 4 hours).

Our studio is in an old school that has been converted into a community centre, so in the background we have the old school blackboard. It’s the first time I’ve painted it – usually we have a coloured backdrop hanging over the chalk board.

Mind you, I'm sure this posting would have got a lot more hits if the title was "sexy nude school teacher" - I'm sure it's someone's fetish :)

At some point during the evening one of my fellow artists looked at my painting and commented “Look, she’s floating on a cloud!” I’ve since added more detail to the sheet… I hope it looks less like a cloud….

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Seated nude - Composition sketch (pen on paper)

Pen sketch - Seated nude composition drawing by artist stephen scott
Seated nude - pen study on paper
This was a quick study in lights and darks, the idea behind the sketch is not to be a final work of art, but rather to be a template to work from.
Unfortunately I never did a painting of this pose from this angle, it was done in the last 5 minutes of a session and the model was unable to make the next session.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pen sketch - composition drawing

Before starting a painting I will always do a sketch, often in pencil or charcoal. The idea behind the sketch is to test the tonality and the composition of the picture... it gives me a chance to solve the problems and complexities of the task at hand.

Once the sketch is done I'll often draw all over it as a choose which part of it I'll use as a painting and for measuring the drawing while transferring it to the canvas.

This sketch survived me - I spent more time on this drawing than I should have, but I loved doing it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sleeping Nude - pen sketch

sleeping nude - pen sketch by Stephen SCott
Sleeping Nude
Pen sketch on paper

This is one of my favorite models, she's lovely, has a beautiful figure and sits like an angel. This was a quick pen sketch during one of the painting sessions.
The pose is lovely, I wish I had chosen this position to do a painting from!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nude in the sunlight - a painting in progress

This is another small painting that's on the easel in the studio. I spend a few minutes each painting session working on it. It should be finished within the next week.

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