Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reclining Nude on a Persian Carpet

This is one of those paintings that I just fell in love with! (which seems a bit egotistical since it's my own painting)

It was a simple life study that works. The brush strokes are bolder than my normal style and the detail is in the suggested shape.

The model is a pleasure to work with; not only is she beautiful, but she's also got a natural understanding of what the artist expects of a model.

Reclining Nude on a Persian Carpet - Oil painting by Stephen ScottReclining Nude on a Persian Carpet
410mm x 300mm

Standing Nude - oil painting - Alla prima

Standing Nude - Alla Prima
Oil on canvas - 25cm x 36cm

This is from the archives - which in my case is a pile of paintings that have been stacked away in a dark cupboard, mostly of unfinished paintings and paintings that desperately deserve to be shredded... finding this one was a nice little surprise.

The model for this painting was a lovely mother of one in her early thirties, she decided she wanted to try modeling for an artist group - we were very happy that she chose us. She has a lovely figure and a very pleasant manor.

The paint on here is very thin on a canvas roughly primed with gesso, it's the texture in the gesso that you see, not really the brush strokes.

The painting was completed in one two hour session so the size was a perfect fit for the amount of painting time I had available, any bigger and it would have looked incomplete - smaller and it would have looked overworked.

Reclining Nude

Reclining Nude - oil on canvas board - stephen scottReclining Nude
Oil on Canvas board
300mm x 225mm

This little painting was on the easel at the same time as 'Reclining nude on Persian carpet' - I've found that at times it is a very good idea to have a smaller painting available to work on so that I don't over paint the piece I'm working on.
In this case the smaller one was where I tested my colour mixes before applying it to the bigger painting; colours and tone need to be caefully mixed before applying.... as it turns out it turned out this experiment, or side project, became one of my favorites.
The painting has an alla prima feel to it, but it was done over about three sessions with the model.

When I listed 'Standing Nude' on a local auction site... I accidentally loaded the image of the original 'Reclining nude', which was already sold in March!

To my amazement it was snapped up within hours of posting it; I had to cancel the auction, which left my buyer disappointed. I offered him this painting as an alternative - he accepted two days later he had the painting an I had the cash.

I've got to get this model to pose for me again... she's lovely!
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