About 500 Nudes

Oil wash portrait - seated nude - 500 nude paintings by Cape Town based, South African artist - Stephen Scott

Well there a start to every story... and so this blog's story starts here.


500 Nudes started as a challenge for myself to paint 500 nudes (from life) over the next two years... but my focus changed a few weeks into the challenge - there is so much else to paint.

(for my non-nudes go here: TheArtOfStephenScott)

Nudes are still an important part of my weekly schedule, but I no longer hold onto the 500 nudes goal with the obsessive passion I started with.

On this blog I aim to display my completed nude studies (paintings and sketches) and I will at times highlight artists that inspire me.

My nude paintings are mostly painted from life - almost always the model will pose for me in the studio although sometimes a few paintings have been completed from reference photos.

Who are the models? I intentionally try to keep the figure anonymous - with nudes I never try capture an exact likeness. My aim is to paint the essence and the beauty of the figure while retaining the models privacy.

We are always looking for models - if you're interested in posing please email me scostephen@gmail.com

In the beginning I started using aliases instead of the model's names, again to protect the model's privacy, but then I just fell into the habit of simply calling her "model."

Please feel free to pop me an email to introduce yourself, or suggest a pose/subject.... or you'd like to pose... what ever the reason, email me scostephen@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy your visit,
Stephen Scott
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