Friday, May 13, 2011

May's Paintng

May's Paintng; Small Seated Nude, South African Artist - Stephen Scott
Small Seated Nude
Oil on Canvas Board

I tried to do this painting with the same feeling that I gave the Pink Bikini, but I ended up becoming too 'precious' about the damn thing.
I had to stop myself from carrying on, another 15 minutes of painting would have ruined it.

What do you think - Just right? Or do I need to do more work on it?

(My camera is on the blink, so this photo was taken on my Black Berry and will need to be updated when I have a working camera again.)


  1. Absolutely ADORE this blog. I am taking it that you are an artist, and you post your work as well as the work of other artists?

    What country are you based in? Love the work!! (here's my blog too, I'm also an artist.).

  2. Hi Jasmine

    Thank you for your wonderful comment!
    I've visited your blog and there are some stunning works there.

    I'm based in Cape Town, South Africa and most of the paintings and drawings on this site are mine, plus some art from other like-minded artists.

    Hope to see you on the site soon again.


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