Monday, June 25, 2018

Prodigal Return

There are many reasons that I could list for not having drawn for years, but none are good enough - it's simply been too long.
In June I decided to head back to the studio and it was like coming back home, the cluttered studio with bits of canvas paper and old paint stained rags, the smell of charcoal, oil paint and turpentine, the noisy scratching of charcoal against paper against the backdrop of absolute silence from the artists.... these are the sights, smells and sounds that bring me home.

It's been a struggle, I'm desperately unhappy with what I've produced, but I know with time I'll remember how to draw...

The Prodigal Return
Charcoal on Paper 
June 2018

Prodigal definition is - characterized by profuse or wasteful expenditure. 
(All that time wastefully spent away from the studio.)

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