Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guest artist - Artist Pauline Adair

Guest artist - Queensland Artist Pauline Adair - sleeping nude"Sleeping Nude" By Queensland Artist Pauline Adair

I absolutely adore this painting!

I've been subscribed to Pauline Adair's blog ( for about a year now. I found her site while searching for paintings on Africa, but it's not her African studies that captured my heart, it was her figures:

There are plenty beautiful paintings on her site, take some time and enjoy her figures.


  1. pauline is a great artist...
    good that you introduce her to those who are yet to visit her blog...

  2. Thank you for this Stephen.... you are so kind. I am enjoying your figures too, I must say you must have sketched and painted plenty with such good observations and a practised hand.
    Kindest regards...

  3. no words to appreciate !!!!!! :)


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