Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alice - 1 & 2 (November 2007)

This is the first nude that I was happy with, I know this is not the one that's going to make me famous, but I'm also by no means embarrassed by it; I'm quite nostalgic about it actually.

This is the only acrylic painting in this set, I've given up on acrylic for now. It's also the only painting I've done on paper that is not water colour.

About Alice, she was a wonderful model with a lovely full figure and divine breasts. She had a very hard jaw line, but she was an absolute joy to work with... till the last session.

Alice sat for us in a three poses, the one above was the second pose and we were over the moon about how well she sat for us.

The third session changed everything - One of the artists asked if we could have a standing pose... and the pose was fantastic, however Alice neglected to tell us about her wild afternoon at the pub. Every second was a different pose to the last, she swayed from one side to the other and her expression was of someone trying not to be sick. It certainly was entertaining, but she's never been invited back.

This is a quick sketch from that ill fated last session:

Pastel pencil on paper

As with all my paintings, feel free to make an offer (leave a comment), these two are particularly affordable ;)

By the way, if you're wondering who 'we' is - I belong to a figure study group, we paint together once a week. It's a collective idea to reduce individual costs.

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