Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christine - 4 (5& 6) (September 2007)

Christine was a challenge.

There was something about her that managed to drain inspiration, I don't know what it was about her that was so incongruent with my idea of the perfect woman that it I battled to capture her.

She was confident without her clothes, almost excited to have us see her nude... but in a weird way... think of a fat, middle aged, balding man that is confident about his nudity; no one wants to see that kind of nudity, yet they persist in showing it to us. The way she presented herself was like that, except she had nice breasts and beautiful skin.

I still don't know how to explain it, but she and my artistic sense clashed with catastrophic results.

I did three paintings of her, this is the best of the batch. I loved the way the green flows through the entire picture.

I'm going to claim artistic licence and count all three sessions, but I'm only going to present you with the one.

"Green Christine" - Oil on board
(For sale)

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