Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Betty - 3 (October 2007)

Betty sat for us for one session.
We often leave paints at home for once off sessions - the medium to inevitably ends up being charcoal or pastel. This one is pastel pencil on Canson paper.

Betty never sat for us after this session, I think there was a general feeling of being deceived - she advertised herself as being; trim and blond. Well Betty turned out to be Nigerian and trim is not the correct adjective. If she never misrepresented herself she would have been invited back for a longer pose. I would loved to have done a painting of her.

She sat brilliantly and I am very fond of this drawing.

I often get asked about her nipples and breasts - yes they were that size and shape. That is the wonderful thing about figure drawing/painting - we get to be amazed at the abundance of variation when it comes to the human body!
You'll hear me repeating this often; am so privileged to be able to to figure study.
Pastel pencil on Canson paper

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